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Publications / Editing

Recent Publications/Media

Columnist, “Bad Ideas About Teaching,” in the National Forum for Teaching and Learning, Wiley Online

Library (John Wiley & Sons). May 2022-present.

“Spend Hours and Hours Prepping Content,” September 2023. Volume 32, Issue 5.

“It’s Okay Not to Do Urban Planning,” May 2023. Volume 32, Issue 4. *APEX Award for Publication Excellence, 2023 Newsletters (with co-authors)

“Don’t Give Yourself Any Space,” December 2022. Volume 32, Issue 1.

“Change All the Teaching Things NOW!,” October 2022. Volume 31, Issue 6.

“Everyone Is the Same!,” September 2022. Volume 31, Issue 5.

“It’s OK for Professors to Go Back to Not Actively Improving Our Teaching,” May 2022. Volume 31, Issue 4.

Assorted Publications & Media

Panelist, Public Books Roundtable: “There’s No Normal to Get Back To: The State of Higher Ed Ed. Skallerup-Bessette, Lee. Public Books: A Magazine of Ideas, Arts, & Scholarship. Mar. 16, 2023.

"Episode #119: Rebecca Weaver," in the Pedagogue Podcast. Ed. Shane Wood. August 17, 2022.

"In Honor of Mike Rose: Inviting Students Across The Boundaries," guest writer for the "Just Visiting" Blog for Inside Higher Ed (Ed. John Warner), August 16, 2021.

“A Different Dear Student Letter,” Recursive: SoTL in Progress, Georgia State University CETL Publications and Sites.

May 7, 2021.

"I Thought I Was an Isolated Case--I Know Now, I Wasn't:  A Professor's Perspective on #RealCollege," in the #RealCollege Blog from the Hope Center for Community, College, and Justice. March 2, 2021.

Interviewee: “Life After The Brittain Fellowship” series in Georgia Tech’s TechStyle Magazine (by Rachel Dean Ruzicka), Jan. 26, 2021

"Tiny Maneuvers: On Changing Our Instincts as Teachers," in Hybrid Pedagogy: The Journal of Critical Digital Pedagogy. April 28, 2020.

"On Voicelessness and Hunger at #RealCollege," in Recursive: SoTL in Progress, Georgia State University CETL Publications and Sites.  August 2, 2019.

"Our Students Aren’t in Our Heads With Us (Or, How To Teach Writing In Your Field With Good Assignment Sheets),"

in ProfHacker, The Chronicle of Higher Education’s page on Teaching, Tech, and Productivity.  Feb. 10, 2018.


Editor, 2021-2023: Recursive Reviews, a semesterly book review featuring books about pedagogy in higher education. Recursive: SoTL in Progress, Georgia State University CETL Publications and Sites. Issue 1, October 2021; Issue 2, February 2022. Nb: role also includes occasional managing editor duties.

Textbook and Curriculum Editing

Successful College Composition, 3rd Edition, Managing Editor and Contributor. Georgia State University Library Digital Resources Collection.  Atlanta, Ga. June 2019.

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