My teaching foregrounds adaptability and community. Specifically, I focus on engagement, process, and action within and between communities.  My teaching fosters an inclusive environment of active learning, collegiality, and intellectual rigor so as to prepare students for lifelong learning and participation in future academic or professional communities. The "themes" of my composition classes often have something to do with college: its hidden curriculum, surviving it, making sense of it, and writing in it.

In my composition classes, we focus on developing 

  • Adaptability: How can we learn to adapt to any writing situation? What are the expectations of academic writing situations?

  • Adaptability, part 2: How can we adapt to the "hidden curriculum" of college?

  • Community: How can we see specific communities as audiences for our composing ? How can we create a generative writing community? How do we build inclusive writing & learning communities?

  • Engagement: How can we engage what we're reading with what we're writing? How does that engage the larger world beyond the classroom?

  • Process: How can we understand writing as a recursive process that we improve through practice and sharing?

  • Practice: How many different composition and revision strategies can we “audition” as we build for ourselves a responsive and working writing practice?

In my literature classes, we focus on these questions:

  • How can we see writing, reading, and textual analysis as living practices that make sense of the world?

  • How do pluralism, hybridity, and adaptation shape art and shape our reception and analysis of art?

  • What are the major discourses at play in our study of literary texts?



Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Projects


Research Grant: Awarded GSUPC CETL 20/21Mini-Grant:

  • Design & run Faculty Pedagogy Book Club (reading Cia Verschelden's Bandwidth Recovery)

  • Develop IRB-approved intervention for late / near-enrolling students in Engl 1101 & 1102


Seminars / Conferences:

All of my classes use a hybrid of digital and critical pedagogy to:

  • Build mutual respect, collegiality, and intellectual rigor 

  • Embrace different student backgrounds, experiences, and learning strategies

  • Become active agents in our own learning (rather than passive consumers of educational “products”)

*For sample assignment sheets and syllabi, see my resources page